Smart Mirror Analyzes for Path to Better Skin

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Smart Mirrors and Skincare Products

Skincare Products Trap

How much have you spent on skin care for your face or eyes this year?  How do you select the products in the first place?  Does more expensive products equate effectiveness?  Perhaps name brand translates to better skin?  
Skincare companies have spent billions in marketing and advertising to entice you to spend your hard earned money on their products.  Many are labeled 'ultra premium' because of the ingredients used, while others use a flawless looking model to hook you to purchase their products. 

Example Luxury Skincare Products


Skincare Product Efficacy

Think about your most recent skincare purchase, was it pricy?  Did you feel good using it because it actually improved your skin or did it made your ego feel good with an expensive purchase?  Let's say it was effective and improved your skin, was the improvement 1%, 5% or 30%?  Are the benefits porportionate to the cost of the product?  How long did it take to achieve those results?  Do the results taper off as your skin is adapted to continual use, building up a tolerance to it?  What we are trying to get at is that, some form of baseline or measurements are needed to ensure those products are right for you and over time.

Skincare Product Experiments

What if you can treat these skin care products and application as a series of experiments?  Create a baseline of the condition of your face, apply the products for a period of time and measure the efficacy (or ineffectiveness).  Perhaps an electronic journal to measure progress that can be referenced anytime by looking at a mirror.  This will not only save you money on over-hyped, over-priced and useless skincare products, it will put you on a path to better skin that is backed by data!

Smart Mirrors

The product that enables you to conduct these experiments and save money is the HiMirror Mini Smart Mirror.   You use the mirror by creating a baseline capture of your skin tone and condition using the built-in camera.  Once the profile has been captured, it then analyzes your skin to see if both your skincare product and skincare regiment is working.  It does this by measuring your skin tone on a daily basis for red spots, tone inbalance, degree of dark circles, etc.  Because it logs each measurement on a daily basis each time you use the HiMirror Mini, a trend will form over time.  You will then be able to see if your skincare products are working for you, saving you time and money!  The HiMirror was featured on USA Today and CES 2018.

Skin Analysis

The HiMirror relies on the built in camera to detect inconsistencies on the surface of your skin.  It is capable of profiling and quantifying your skin tone, dark circle  areas and degree of coloration; blotchiness, percentage of wrinkles, pore size, and smoothness verses roughness.  When you first create the baseline, make sure you follow the instructions on room lighting and how to pose for the shot to get the most accurate results.  The company also provides a companion skin analyzer that can determine the degree of hydration and pigmentation to feed the Himirror.  This analyzer tool is of professional grade and is more accurate then the camera assessment via the Himirror's camera because it makes contact with the skin.

Should I Buy the HiMirror?

The answer is really up to you but we highly reccommend you get one along with the companion analyzer.  Here are reasons for various audiences: those who have found their 'go to' skincare products and those who are still exploring.

For those who have the ideal skincare product and regiment, we urge you to measure and determine what improvements there are and whether your skin has built a tolerance and not improving.

For those still unsure whether your skincare products are working, use this smart mirror to discover if each skincare product is working for you. 

Regardless which camp you are in, it will provide confimation for you and save you money in the long run!  Keep moisturizing and take care of your skin!

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