BakBlade Body Shavers for Hairy Men (or Women)

Russ K

Control Excessive Body Hair with the BakBlade System

Are you one of the millions of men (or women) who have unwanted hair in hard to reach places?  Have you been diagnosed with Hirsutism?  Is this condition lowering your self-esteem or pressuring you socially?

Unwanted excessive hair has been a pervasive problem because there is no perfect solution for epilation or depilation.  If you are using a regular 1-inch wide razor, it will take you a long time to do your back because of the large surface area on your back.  You will not be able to reach all the places, especially on your back, unless you are a very flexible gymnast. :) 

Electric trimmers have the same issues and if positioned at the wrong angle, it will trim your skin along with the unwanted hair!  Maybe your roommate or significant other has been helping you, but do you really want someone to do this unsightly and nasty task?

DIY Body Shaving

Fortunately, the engineers at BakBlade has created a DIY body shaving device that you can operate with 1 hand.  It will not strain your body and you will not need to beg for someone to shave you.  We have tried many other body shavers such as the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 shock absorber flex heads and the Bro Shaver back hair shaver, but the winner as we have concluded is the BakBlade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver in usability, effectiveness, ease of cleaning, pricing, and cost to operate.

Let's take a deeper dive into the device itself, starting with its construction.

BakBlade Body

When you unwrap the BakBlade, you will notice the superior construction and ergonomics.  The device is designed to be a contouring 'S' shaped to match your body's curves.  The handle fits into your hand perfectly and is made of non-slip material; so you can use it in the shower when wet.  The shaver when fully extended, is a full 10 inches long, allowing you to reach any part of your body with ease.  No more awkward stances and positions straining your arms and neck.  The body of the BakBlade is also retractable and folds down to half its size, so you can put it in your carry on luggage to your next trip.  

The BakBlade blade

A well-designed handle is useless if the blade is dull and ineffective.   Fortunately, the BakBlade is top-ranked in this critical component as well. The engineers use a dual glide blade system that yields a close cut whether you are using it in the shower.  It can be used dry or with shaving cream to give you a smooth and close shave. The blade portion is disposable so when the blades become dull, snap a new refill blade pack in and you are good to go.  This will save you money by not having to buy the entire assembly.

Testing the BakBlade

We have tested this shaver with many 'hairy' men at the office and the consensus is the same, everyone wished that they had this years ago. Each was able to complete the entire upper and lower back, hard to reach shoulders, chests, arms, etc. with ease and our hairiest guy with a fur coat of back hair took less than 5 minutes to conquer. This is also attributed to the wide 4-inch blade that provides the coverage needed on a man's back.  The follow-up conversations for those with partners were also very positive, with comments such as 'slick back', 'well groomed', and 'love it'.  We believe some of these comments are because their partners no longer need to deal with shaving a bear, haha.




The BakBlade is one of these simple inventions that provide tremendous convenience and builds self-esteem for millions of hairy men or women.  For a mere $30, stop using a tiny razor that was designed for the face that has a small surface area, and get the 4-inch twin blade ergonomic shaving system for your back now! .. and don't forget the shaving cream and extra replacement twin blade cartridges.

Please share this article with anyone you know who has a hairy chest, back, or legs, and wish to be well groomed and achieve a clean shaved body!

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