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Travel Neck Pillows

Neck pillow 2.0

We are heading into 2020 and there should not be any bobbing heads on planes, trains or automobiles, banging against the window or worst yet, your neighbor.
The classic neck pillow was invented to reduce the bobbing but it is not very effective and you are guaranteed to get a stiff neck after sleeping with it.
Fortunately the engineers at Cabeau did something about it, presenting Cabeau's travel U-shaped neck pillow with raised lips.

Lips on the Neck

Yes, lips on the neck feels great, maybe that is how the idea was born, ha ha. Cabeau's neck pillows have a unique raised 'lip' providing additional
support where it is needed; especially when you have a longer neck. The lips is able to cuddle you head even when there is no raised head support on the seat.

Evolution Cool Neck Pillow

  The newest addition to their collection, the Evolution Cool model is designed for those who is more sensitive to heat. Let's face it, if you are on a train without ample air flow, a neck pillow will burn you up! This model features a unique ventilation mid section that dissipates heat in
those situations. The Evolution Cool also has a 360 degree surround design to prevent your head from falling forward. It is also cut lower by
the ear area to allow for large headphone use. The construction is moisture wicking fabric that is soft and washable with a generous memory foam internals.

Evolution S3 Neck Pillow

If you are a jet setter then the Evolution S3 is perfect pillow for you. It received the Travel Retail Award in 2018 and features straps that secures the pillow to the airplane seat so your head will not collide with your neighbor's.  It has 2 strap positions and will work on your car's headrest also.
The fabric wick moisture and is also quick drying. The carrying case that it comes with will reduce the size of the pillow by half.

Ostrich Pillow

  If you prefer a more unique look then take a peek at the Ostrich pillow. It is a simple design with a 360 degree ergonomic neck design secured by a front overlapping Velcro straps that are hidden. It doesn't have the headrest straps like the Evolution S3 but it is also washable and constructed with
supportive memory foam.

Which Neck Pillow?

All neck pillows presented here are all well designed and constructed. If you prefer a cooler pillow then the Evolution Cool is the way to go. If your head
bobs a lot then the Evolution S3 is the one with its headrest securing straps. If you want a non-traditional neck pillow look then the Ostrich is the way
to go. Whichever one you go with, consider your needs, do you wear makeup? have large headphones? longer neck or short neck profile? Regardless, one of the 3 neck pillows we have presented here are top choices, so grab one so you can be rested to enjoy your long awaited vacation!


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