Great Sound from Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Ear Buds?

Great Sound from Tiny Ear Buds?

That is the question, we all want awesome audio reproduction but without having a giant bun on each of our ears; or be chained to our phones so we can be mobile and roam around.  Although technology has advanced in miniaturization and bluetooth transport, there is no perfect earbuds out that that is a perfect 10.

Truly Wireless for the Active?

The engineers at Bose was able to create a wireless earbud for the active workout crowd that is both stylish and have great sound.  Their primary objectives are to offer great sound that rivals wired headsets, portability with long lasting battery life, secure but comfort fit, moisture repelling, easy device pairing with the ability to find the earbuds if misplaced.  Sounds simple right?  The Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Earbuds are an engineering feat, let's take a look at the objectives set forth.

Earbud Sound Reproduction

This is the most important category since we are paying to purchase great sound, everything else is really secondary.  Fortunately, that was the main emphasis Bose had placed when creating the SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds.  We have tried them with various music from Classical to Jazz to Techno and they sounded great.  Bose used their proprietary driver technology along with the latest in Bluetooth technology to transport the music wirelessly.  The result reproduction of the audio were so accurate that it rivaled the larger wired earmuff headsets. Our panel concluded that the bass is more pronounced and beats the Apple Airpods without contest.

Portable and Extended Listening

THe second objective is to make it in to a small package so we can carry our music around everywhere.  As we all know, a small earbud package means a tiny battery and tiny batteries does not last long.  What Bose was able to achieve is a continous listening range of up to 5 hours but creating an efficient sound drivers to move the sound.  The SoundSport Free also comes with a storage case that doubles as a battery and USB charging station.  When the case is fully charged (approximately 2 hours), the ear buds can be extended to 10 hours of listening. 

Staying Inside the Ear

Since these wireless earbuds were designed for the active workout crowd, what good is it if it keeps falling out, or worse yet, feels uncomfortable when worn.  The Bose SoundSport Free implements the soft patented Bose silicone ear gels and fins to keep the tiny earbuds in place.  Regardless of whether you are running, lifting, doing aerobics, these earbuds will stay in and it is so comfortable that you won't remember they were there.

Workout Means Sweat

If you are doing it correctly then your workouts should be sweaty and full of moisture.  It would be disappointing if after a single strenuous workout that the earbuds are destroyed by moisture.  No worries here because the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds are designed to be moisture repellent, you can be running outside in the rain if you like because they are IPX4 rated.

Voice Guided Setup

Let's face it, not everyone is tech savvy with bluetooth and device setup and not everyone speaks English.  Bose is aware of this and being a multinational company, they created an audio setup assistant in over 10 languages to help you with pairing and setup.

Find My Earbuds

Being so tiny, you are bound to misplace the Bose SoundSport Free.  Bose has the Bose Connect mobile app that will help you locate your missing earbuds using the 'Find my Buds' feature.

SoundSport Cons

We have listed so many pros, are there any cons with these earbuds?  There definitely is because these earbuds are not perfect.  For one, the built in microphone on the right side is not noise cancelling so when you talk on the phone, any ambient sound will be transmitted.  One might debate and say that the earbuds are not meant for talking but for great portable sound.
The other imperfection is related to bluetooth connectivity.  There are times when the left unit will lose connection with the right earbud.  Another symptom is when playing video, there seems to be a lag and the sound is out of sync with the picture.  These are definitely annoying but luckily, Bose has issued a new firmware to resolve all these issues.  The nuance is that you have to manually update the firmware to remove these problems.


If you are looking for a pair of portable headsets mostly for taking calls at work or joining conference calls, you are better off with the Jabra Elite 65t or the Plantronics Voyager 6200UC Business Ready neckband that have been designed for that purpose.
For a great sound experience that lasts for at least half a day of continuous play during your sweaty workouts; the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones is the one for you!

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