How To Care For Your Soft And Classy Cashmere Or Pashmina Scarf.

Melody K

The scarf is a versatile and a necessity these days especially in the corporate world, it equates to a men's tie emitting power and status for women.  This investment can give you years of enjoyment if you properly care for it, especially those made with luxurious cashmere or pashmina.

In this article we will discuss the right way to care for your scarf.

What you will need:

  • a sink or a collapsible washing tub
  • color safe mild detergent 
  • a bath towel
  • a drying rack


7 Simple Steps:

1. Fill your sink or collapsible washing tub with luke warm water, if it burns your hands then it's too hot!

2. Add and mix in the color safe mild detergent, we recommend Woolite Dark to the water and place the scarf in the tub, let it sit for 10 minutes

3. Once the scarf has been saturated, gently splash the scarf in the water for a few minutes then remove the scarf from the tub but do not wring the scarf.

4. Replace the soapy water with clean luke warm water and rinse the scarf.

5. Dump the water and let the scarf sit and drip for a few minutes then place it flat on a dry bath towel and roll the towel into a sausage to absorb the excess water.

6. Place the scarf on the flat drying rack for at least 8 hours before wearing.

7. Fold the scarf into a flat square for storage, do not hang it!


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