How to Cook Safely and Efficiently by Counting Down to Zero

Ben G

Do you cook your meals at home so you can have predictability and eat healthy? How many times have your walked away tired of watching the pot boil and the minute you walked off, it boiled over and dangerously extinguished the gas stove flames?

Technology has once again created a solution that is not only safer but cuts your cook time in half! Bring in the electric pressure cooker. The way pressure cooking works is by sealing in pressure built up within the cooker. The created environment of steam cannot escape and permeates back into the food contents of the pot, making the food cook faster and scrumptiously juicy and tender.


You may be asking what if there is too much pressure built up, wouldn't the device blow up? No! of course because even though the lid has a locking mechanism, it also has 2 pressure release valves that will automatically release the pressure.

I've used the electric pressure cookers for many years and it is very easy. Just add your seasoning, meats and vegetables all at once into the pot, set the countdown timer and that's it! When it counts down to 0, it will beep and automatically shuts off, kind of like an oven would. The resultant meal is juicy and tender, with all flavors infused into the contents of the pot.

If you are watching your fat intake like I am, you can scoop up the top layer of liquids and use a oil strainer to remove. These compliment each other like the moon and stars to give you the tastiest and healthiest dish on earth.

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Tried cooking with the electric countdown pressure cooker, let us know your experiences and recipes!

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