How to Get More Money, Time, and Nutrients Cooking with This Pan

Ben G

If you have a gas stove and cook at home, read on because we will show you how to continue cooking but reducing your cook time, improving nutrient retention, saving energy and reducing air pollution.


Cooking at home is awesome, we can control what goes into our food, from the quality of the oils to the caliber of the proteins and veggies.  However, we are all challenged for time so let's take a look at the latest technology that will help reduce cooking time by employing a better engineered set of pots and pans.


We present cookware that employ an old concept of conductivity - the heat sink.  A heat sink is basically a network of ridge and valleys sitting close together that increases the surface area a hundred fold.  By uniting the heat sink structure at the bottom of the pot or pan, flames from the gas stove are confined and captured, producing a focused energy source that is directed at cooking your food and not escaping from the sides of the pot or pan.


This leading edge design has been studied and a 30 to 50% reduction in cook time was realized.  This was reported by Cheesecake Factory, Panda Express, and Carrabba's Italian Grill, in which productivity was increased and customers were getting their food much faster.


Cooking in less time means less energy used and less carbon dioxide produced by the gas stove (good for the environment), more money saved (good for the pocket) and also faster cooking of vegetables mean more nutrients retained. is sharing this new cookware technology because we believe the act of gift giving benefits not only the receiver but the giver as well.  We want you to consider this new technologically advanced cookware for either yourself or gift it to someone you love, so they can get more time, money and nutrition as they cook at home.


The old saying that, 'you are what you eat' is a wise one indeed.  Check this new set of cookware at Amazon and at the same time discover other wonderful free gifts or gifts with free shipping at our online store

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