How to prepare for the stormy, hurricane or tornado season

Collin S

Bad weather season is here once again, do you have a good set of survival tools that you can use to weather the storm? Optimism is a good trait to have but many times we can get ourselves in trouble when we are not prepared thinking that it will not happen to us.

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We are proposing a set of tools that you should have in your house to help you eliminate any unnecessary pain.  This list by no means the de facto list but it is something to get you thinking about and possibly grow this list to other necessities.

When bad weather hits, either a bad thunderstorm, a hurricane or a tornado, power is the most likely impacted. Look around your house, which items does not require electric power? This source is the most important to have as it will enable you to work your appliances and devices to keep you informed, communicate or use.

A portable electric power source that can power electrical appliances would be good to have in your toolbox. These handy devices can provide 110V of electricity and can power your car tire pump if you have a flat and need to drive out for help, you can plug in your fish tank pump and keep your fish collection alive and your can plug in your microwave to heat up a TV dinner. These are so versatile that in our opinion a must have. Look for those with USB jacks and multiple AC outlets so you are not limited.

What if you have a collection of DC batteries in your garage? In this case, you can leverage an inverter to power 110V appliances and devices. It is important to get the type of inverter that has clips to attach to the car battery posts because the car style DC battery is your source. We at believe an inverter with over 1000W would satisfy most of your power hungry appliance or computer needs.

In our other article, we will review the need to sustain our hydration needs.

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