6 pocket purse and handbag organizer

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Pink handbag organizer
Black hanging handbag organizer
blue hanging purse organizer
purple purse organizer
Pink handbag organizer
purse organizer
black purse orgainzer

Organize all your precious handbags and purses

How many handbags and purses do you have?  Are they all stored in a box, stacked and forgotten somewhere in your closet?  Is it a hassle to locate the right handbag.to match your outfit or occasion?

Now you can use our handbag organizer to arrange your purses neatly and visibly in your closet.  You can arrange them by occasion, by outfit or by brand!


How big is the handbag organizer?

Each lightweight and study organizer can hold up to 6 handbags, 3 on each side.

The purse compartment has a clear vinyl covering so you can easily find the matching handbag to go to work or on a date with.

The handbag organizer is approximately 14 inches wide and 35 inches tall.

Comes in multiple colors of your choice.


Get your purse organizer today!

The average woman owns at least 10 handbags so you will get 2 for yourself.

Christmas is almost here, order now for your friends and family! 

Quantities are limited!


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